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General Exam Information

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Summer 2024 – Exam Board Summer Timetables

Summer 2024 Exam Timetable (draft) -  Click here

Please follow the below links to check key dates in the exam timetable for the Summer 2024 exam series.  Specification Codes can be found under General Information above.  

AQA KS4 June 2024 
AQA KS5 June 2024 

OCR KS4 June 2024 
OCR KS5 June 2024 

Pearson KS4 June 2024 
Pearson KS5 June 2024 

WJEC/Eduqas KS4 June 2024 
WJEC/Eduqas KS5 June 2024 

Exam dates for vocational subjects will be issued on student individual exam timetables.  If a subject has a practical exam, teachers will inform students when they will take place.

Summer 2024 – Contingency Information

The awarding bodies have collectively agreed contingency dates for Summer 2024 as the afternoon of Thursday 6th June, Thursday 13th June and the full day for Wednesday 26th June 2024; students should remain available on, up to and including these date regardless of their last exam being sooner.  The contingency day is in the event of national or significant local disruption to exams in the United Kingdom, being part of the awarding bodies’ standard contingency planning for exams.

Internal Exams (Mocks)


Year 11:

Monday 20th November 2023 – Monday 4th December 2023 Timetable

Year 13:

Monday 20th November 2023 – Monday 4th December 2023 Timetable


Year 11:

Monday 26th February 2024 – Friday 8th March 2024* Timetable

Week 2 – Option subjects to take place in lesson time  Timetable

Year 13:

Monday 26th February 2024 – Friday 8th March 2024 Timetable


Year 10:

Monday 17th June – Friday 28th June 2024 Timetable

Year 12:

Monday 17th June – Friday 28th June 2024 Timetable


Notices to Candidates

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) oversees all aspects of examinations and assessments. Candidates must read the  prior to starting any non-examination assessments, course work, onscreen tests or sitting examinations. This information is emailed to all Year 10 to Year 13 students in September, and ahead of any exam series including internal exams in Autumn and Spring.  

Certificate & Result Information

Certificates are only required to be kept for a minimum of 12 months.  After this time, the school is able to destroy any uncollected certificates.  We will aim, where possible, to keep them for 24 months.  Please contact the Exams Officer to check if we still hold your certificates, if we do not, information on obtaining replacement certificates can be found

If someone is collecting certificates or results on your behalf, please complete the .  If you do not have someone to collect your results on your behalf, you may give a self-addressed envelope to the Exams Officer and results will be posted home on the day of release of results.

Not all awarding bodies offer a replacement certificate service.  In such circumstances the awarding body will issue a Certifying Statement of Results.  Where either a replacement certificate or Certifying Statement of Results is issued, it will provide an accurate and complete record of results for all qualifications covered by the original certificate.

Due to GDPR we no longer hold information for ex-students once they are over 25 years of age therefore we are unable to confirm qualifications gained.  Ex-students should however be able to access information on their personal learning record – more information can be found .

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