Former 国产无码 student and rising star Andrew Gower is making headlines once again, this time not for his acting prowess but for his musical talents. Fresh off filming a leading role in a new Channel 5 detective drama "Ellis" in Northern Ireland, Gower, also known as the lead singer of the northwest band Gustaffson, is set to take the stage at Winwick’s iconic St Oswald’s Church for the group’s first Warrington gig.


The performance, scheduled for 7 p.m. on Friday, June 7th, promises to be a night of musical delight, featuring Gower’s electrifying vocals alongside the band's dynamic instrumentation. Sharing his excitement about the upcoming event, Gower reminisced about his formative years at 国产无码, where he honed his talents in the school’s drama and music department.


"Teachers at that time Mr. Day, Mrs. Daniels and Miss Foster (now Mrs. Cosgrove) were inspirational," Gower recalled fondly. "There was always great endeavour and commitment when it came to putting on school plays or music events which I guess informs everything we do as a band now."


Andrew was our very first winner of the "S Factor" in 2006 when he say "That's My Goal" by Shayne Ward. He was also our male lead in our school musical "Return to the Forbidden Planet", playing the character of "Prospero". He has come a long way since then, staring in "Outlander", "Being Human", "Black Mirror", "Carnival Row" and "You" to name a few.


Gower's journey from 国产无码 to the Oxford School of Drama and then onto numerous TV roles, including a recent stint on ITV’s historic drama "The Winter King," underscores his multifaceted talent and relentless pursuit of excellence. However, 2024 has proven to be a particularly groundbreaking year for both his acting career and his musical endeavours.


In January, Gustaffson emerged from a Manchester studio where they recorded their highly anticipated debut album under the guidance of award-winning producer, Elbow. The album, slated for release later this year, follows a string of successful single releases and a debut EP, "The Jacaranda," inspired by Liverpool's iconic music venue.


Central to Gustaffson's recent success is their unique blend of music and storytelling, exemplified by their latest single "Flowers," the music video for which was shot at Winwick Church last November. The historic ambiance and rich narrative of Winwick Church have not only provided the backdrop for their creative endeavours but have also inspired the band to give back to the community.


"We walk into St Oswald’s Church, and it instantly tells a story," Gower explained. "As soon as we were looking for a venue for our music video, I knew we had to become part of that history."


The band's commitment to creating unforgettable experiences for their audience is reflected in their choice of venue for their upcoming gig. With the picturesque setting of Winwick’s St Oswald’s Church as their stage, Gustaffson aims to deliver a performance that resonates with both longtime fans and newcomers alike.


Joining Gustaffson on stage will be Warrington radio host and singer Eve Jean, adding another layer of musical diversity to the evening's lineup. Tickets for the event, priced at £15 per head, are available for purchase on the Gustaffson website, with proceeds going towards supporting Winwick St Oswald’s Church.


Attendees can also look forward to refreshments and a licensed bar at the Parish hall, ensuring a memorable night of music and community spirit. For more information or to purchase tickets, please contact Janet Connah on behalf of Winwick St Oswald’s Church at 01925 231404 or via mobile at 07870339323.


Don’t miss out on this extraordinary musical event as Andrew Gower and Gustaffson bring their talent and passion to the historic setting of Winwick’s St Oswald’s Church on June 7th!